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PALS Systematic Approach

We should always use a Systematic Approach when caring for a seriously ill or injured child to quickly recognize signs of Respiratory Distress, Respiratory Failure, and Shock.

The PALS Systematic approach includes four components: Initial Assessment, Primary Assessment, Secondary Assessment, and Diagnostic Tests.

Our PALS Systematic approach will follow the Evaluate IdentifyIntervene sequence as we care for the sick or injured child. From the information gathered during our evaluation, identify the child’s clinical condition by type and severity and intervene with appropriate actions.

⚠️ At any point, if you identify a life-threatening condition, immediately intervene with your life-saving interventions.

For our video on the PALS Systematic Approach:

Disclaimer: This video/post is for educational purposes and is not intended as medical advice. While we strive for 100% accuracy, errors may occur, and medications or protocols may change over time.



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