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Intubation Checklist & Preparation

Taking someone's airway is sometimes necessary but comes with inherent risks.

Having an Intubation checklist that you and your team can use will improve success rates and minimize complications.


Understanding the correct time, location, and patient to Intubate takes experience and understanding.


1. Can we resuscitate prior to Intubation?

2. Can we wait until the OR to Intubate in a controlled environment?

3. Intubate prior to pain control?

4. Intubate for oxygenation, ventilation, not protecting the airway, pain control, and dangerous/combative patient, among other reasons.


1. Position patient

2. Preoxygenate/denitrogenate

3. Multiple access points

4. Monitoring (EtCO2, Defib pads, Vitals, Updated BP, etc.)

5. Consent, if possible

6. Assess the airway


1. BVM connected to O2 + Peep valve


3. Suction- This is often forgotten.

4. Bougie & Stylet

5. ETT (multiple sizes)

6. Syringe/check cuff

7. EtCO2/ CO2 detector

8. Securing device

9. Backup Airway like an iGel, LMA, etc.

10. Cric kit+ marked neck if high risk

11. Ventilator and RT ready

12. Medications/RSI drawn and closed-loop communication

13. PPE for all involved

14. Stethoscope


1. Sedation/pain control

2. Vent settings

3. Chest x-ray

4. Patient restraints, if needed

5. Foley and OG/NG

6. Pressors/adjunct drips

7. Central line?

Do you have a checklist and routinely practice or use it for Intubations?

Information from @the_resuscitationist

Disclaimer: This post is for educational purposes and is not intended as medical advice. While we strive for 100% accuracy, errors may occur, and medications or protocols may change over time.


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