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By learning CPR, you can make a difference!

Last month, millions of American football fans watched in shock and concern as Buffalo Bills safety Damar Hamlin - a 24-year-old professional athlete with no known health concerns - collapsed on live television after what had appeared to be a routine tackle. Thankfully, quick action by the stadium medical team saved his life by performing CPR and applying an automated external defibrillator until emergency personnel arrived. Hamlin suffered a cardiac arrest (an electric malfunction of the heart causing it to stop beating abruptly) on the field.

Hamlin's traumatic cardiac arrest has served as a painful reminder to the world about the importance of everyone knowing CPR because the unexpected could be required of anyone at any time. As public attention on the story grew, it was a jarring reminder that CPR is a critical skill when seconds matter months.

Out-of-hospital cardiac arrest survival rates in the US currently stand at 9.5 %

You can double or even triple cardiac arrest survival by performing Hands-Only CPR:

By learning CPR, you can make a difference.

✍️: @resuscounsilsa

Disclaimer: This video is for educational purposes and is not intended as medical advice. While we strive for 100% accuracy, errors may occur, and medications or protocols may change over time.


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